Saturday, September 16, 2017

My garden

My garden has now officially become my favourite hobby!  I love planning areas in my garden and watching it take shape before my eyes.  Spring has arrived in Auckland and every day something new buds.  The first thing I do when getting home from work is take a little walk around the garden.  It's mine, it's alive and it's relaxing...


Now that Sarah, my oldest daughter, and her partner Terry have bought a home in Martinborough and moved there to live, Martinborough has become one of our go-to places when we have a few days out of Auckland.  Randel and I have driven down a couple of times this year and I recently flew down with Chantelle to spend some time with Sarah over her 24th birthday.  Here are some photos of the last summer (February) and winter (June) trips.

New Zealand South Island

Randel and I finally took a much anticipated visit to New Zealand's awesome South Island.  After seeing Camilla off to University in Dunedin in February, Randel and I drove to Queenstown.  From there we explored beautiful Wanaka, Arrowtown and Glenorchie.  The scenery did not disappoint, it was absolutely stunning and the mountains in that area are nothing short of magnificent.  Here are just a few of my many many photos from that trip.

Camilla begins life at Otago University

I'm posting this six months after it began but better to keep a record of our happenings to look back on than not at all....Camilla began her Bachelor of Science at Otago University in February this year.  I was very proud of my little girl, still 17 and embarking on this very exciting journey into adulthood, university life and her new life in a new city, Dunedin.   Given that's its now heading towards the end of her first year there, I know that it was a wise decision and Camilla is not only doing really well at Uni but also thoroughly enjoying Uni and Dunedin life.  While I miss you Camilla, I'm so very pleased that you are achieving this dream.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Visit to South Africa

Remembering this week my South African trip one year ago.  Time does fly!  It was such a happy three weeks surrounded by my lovely family.  First stop was Pretoria, second stop was Durban.  I loved reconnecting with my loved ones and enjoyed meeting the 5 new members of the next generation!!!

Hilton and the every present Tango

Rietvlei Nature Reserve

We got up incredibly close to a trio of rhino

What wasn't to love about little Cherry!!

The Nelson Mandela statue in Johannesburg

Happy to see my little brother again.

With my little brother Charles and great niece Emma

With my very tall nephew Bruce

Niece and great-niece, Lauren and Emma...

With my happy little niece Emma

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Final School Ball

Camilla's final school ball.  Camilla wore a beautiful black mermaid style dress for her final college ball.  She had a "ball" as always.

I am going to miss watching my girls trying on their new dresses, choosing the right shoes to complete the outfit, driving them to their hair and make up appointments the afternoon before the ball and the pre-ball get togethers.  I am very grateful that my girls have all enjoyed numerous balls throughout their school years and all the associated fun which comes with the balls such as dressing up and being treated to a spectacular hall, dinner and music.

Camilla with Georgia and Analise

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Graduation Day

Sarah recently graduated with her Bachelor of Arts from Auckland University.  Whilst I missed her graduation ceremony due to being overseas at the time, at 12am on the other side of the world, I very proudly watched some videos and looked at the real time photos kindly sent to me by Randel.  Well done Sarah and my wish for you is that your future career provides you with much opportunity as well as an abundance of joy xxx

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hi, I'm Carol from New Zealand

This post is a link up to Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life.

Hi, I'm Carol.

I'm married to Randel and am mom to four wonderful girls aged between 13 and 22.  We share a love for life, for travel, for our families and currently for home renovation as well.  Needless to say, our home life is usually very busy and entertaining.  I'm also grateful that we have a wonderfully happy home.

I've lived in  Auckland, New Zealand since 2003 having spent 35 years before that living in Durban, South Africa.  Randel was born in England, raised in Australia and found himself living in New Zealand at aged 20.  We call him the "Postralian" and he still identifies as a Brit (Pom) and Australian.  I absolutely love New Zealand.  We are seeing as much of New Zealand as we can and we have also over the past few years begun to fulfil our joint love of international travel.

I thoroughly enjoy reading blogs from around the world.  I love learning more about other cultures, traditions and family experiences.

I work as a legal executive here in Auckland but harbour a long time dream of changing professions to work in early childhood education in a few years time.

I'm looking forward to reading your links.

My Nearest and Dearest

Looking back at our photos and remembering just how fortunate Randel and I are to have you four girls in our lives. May you remain good friends and look after each other forever xxx

Christmas 2015

Fathers Day = Mexican lunch

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sky City Hotel

Randel and I finally took advantage of last years' birthday present from Bev and Richard which was a night of luxury at Sky City Hotel in Auckland Central.  We had the most delicious Mexican dinner followed by a half hearted attempt at gambling at the Sky City Casino (It's more fun to watch the serious gamblers doing what they do best we have decided).  We ended our romantic little escapade with breakfast before heading home the next morning.  I hope we get to do this again soon.

Casino Bling

Breakfast before we leave